Your London Fashion Week Survival Guide

Your London Fashion Week Survival Guide

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It is a weekend full of British and international fashion, catwalk shows, designer shopping and industry talks. You don’t want to miss it!

London Fashion Week is one of the ‘big four’ and takes place during what is lovingly known as ‘Fashion Month’. A month full of the best dressed influencers and a time when anyone who is anyone walks the streets in their awe-inspiring outfits hoping for that ‘all important’ photograph opportunity.

So, whether it’s London Fashion Week or London Fashion Week Festival, how can you prepare yourselves for the inevitable chaotic, sleepless, feet-aching BUT fabulous few days? We’ve created a helpful guide on how to survive in style – let’s just say we’ve learnt from our past mistakes…

Tip 1 - Stay hydrated:

With all the hype, excitement and inevitable bubbles, it can be easy to forget simple things such as drinking water. Overcome this by taking your favourite bottle with you and keep it topped up throughout the day. Trust us, you'll feel better for it and be ready to tackle the fashion-fuelled day ahead...

Tip 2 – Could you be bare to wear flats?

Be fashionable, BUT sensible - it's not all glitz and glamour, fashion week is hectic, and you could be on your feet for extended periods of time, not to mention running around London to and from shows. Your feet will be the ones paying the price. If you really can't face being seen in flats, then at least take an extra lightweight ‘run around’ pair in your bag for between shows. You’ll thank us!

Tip 3 – Stay charged:

We’re not talking food here (although that’s also important). No. We’re talking portable chargers. Something nightmares are made of; you've been planning your outfit for weeks, you're feeling and looking great and it’s time to snap that insta-worthy shot but wait... your phones run out of charge. Again. Don’t fall victim to this and invest in a good quality portable charger. You’ll also need your phone alive for staying up to date with schedules and locations.

Tip 4 – Network, network, network:

London Fashion Week is the ideal time to mingle! You’ll be surrounded by like-minded creatives not to mention big players in the industry. Do your homework. Make sure you know who's who, be prepared with business cards if appropriate, read up on relevant news and trends and be ready to network!

Tip 5 - Be selective with your beauty products:

Your bag is bound to be full of your daily essentials, plus more! You don’t want to be taking your whole cosmetic bag with you too. Limit yourself to just the necessary make-up products for topping up throughout the day and stop there. Perhaps just taking a smaller cosmetic make-up with you will force you to cut down.

Tip 6 – Jewellery:

Be jewellery ready! Make sure you’re ready for any eventuality and take spare jewellery with you… Lost an earring? Going out after the show and need something a little more appropriate? Feel a little underdressed? No problem, dip into your spare jewellery! Us ladies are liable to changing our minds from time to time, some may say it’s our prerogative so be prepared with extra jewellery on hand to satisfy your sparkle-urges!

Follow our tips to stay organised during fashion week and make an unforgettable few days even more memorable, for all the right reasons!